Individual Life Insurance Services in Philadelphia, PA

The future holds many surprises for you, most of which are good. The best way to prepare for the bad surprises in your life is with life insurance. No one wants to consider the possibility of premature death, but it’s a reality that faces every one of us. Business Financial Services offers individual life insurance to everyone in the Philadelphia, PA, area to provide peace of mind.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a great way to provide for your loved ones after you pass away. You can choose term life or whole life, both of which offer benefits.

Term Life

Term life insurance is cheaper because it offers protection for a predetermined amount of time, especially if you buy while young. The term can be renewed after the term ends, and you have your choices of 5, 10, 15, or 30 years of coverage.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance, as you may have guessed, covers you for life. Plus, you get a cash accumulation in conjunction with the death benefits you pay for, so your family gets more. This plan has the potential to save you money over the long run.

Both options have pros and cons, and both bring amazing benefits to you and your family. Our individual life insurance services will give you peace of mind. Plus, the payouts are normally tax-free, so your family gets all the money you plan on. You can remove the worry of abandoning your family if you die prematurely.

The younger you buy life insurance, the better, so come to us today.

Benefits of Coming to Us

Business Financial Services is a newly launched company with a fresh view of the world and finances. We focus on fantastic customer service and trustworthy and experienced financial advice for you, your family, and your business. Our main goal is to help you succeed with your finances, and with our life insurance services, we’ll help your family stay safe and sound no matter what.

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